Grey Scale

Artistic application of grayscale

The painters and draftsmen use the gray scale to give a feeling of three-dimensionality and volume to the two-dimensional drawings they make on paper or canvas, the examples are endless.
In this activity we will first draw a cube on a blank sheet and we will shade it to give it more volume and realism.
After the cube, which has planes and edges, we will move on to the sphere, whose surface is smoother.
Giving volume to a smooth surface is more complicated, so I put it second.

Watch the tutorials in this order:
1. Doing a margin on the sheet. This is the first one because you have to do a margin on your sheet.

2. Shading a cube

3. Shading a sphere

When you finish the exercises take a picture of your page following the instruction that a send you.

This is my musical recommendation today ; “Tierra” by Xoel López, that reminds us that everything has its end even this strange situation.

Good morning to everybody.

I hope you have disconnected and rested these two weeks.

We will see these two tutorials:

  • The first one is to make 5 boxes on a sheet, can be on a scketchbook sheet or on a normal sheet.
  • The second one is to learn how to make a grey scale.

Remember that you have to take a picture of your exercise with the instruction that I send you.

I recommend that you put on some nice music to do the exercise, you are going to enjoy it twice. I attached a song by De Pedro. This is my musical recommendation today


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