Wednesday 20th May, 2020 Tasks

Good morning to every parent or student reading this entry!

Here you have the tasks and the important information students should know about this week lessons.

1º Formación Básica Peluquería y Estética.

In today video conference lesson we are going to revise and correct the task which was sent to students’ emails last week. After the lesson, a PDF document with the key for last week exercises will be sent to students’ emails. This week students are revising ‘places in town’ and ‘giving directions’. For this purpose, students will have to do two worksheets they can find in and the instructions for doing them will be given in today video conference lesson. These worksheets must be done and handed in before our next lesson on Wednesday 27th May. I will be available during the mornings and part of the afternoons, from Monday to Friday, to answer any question or doubt students might have.

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