Good morning to every parent and student reading this entry!

Here you have the tasks for today lessons.

1º Grado Superior Comercio Internacional

Students are going to continue with unit 7. Today they have to work with page 81 vocabulary about Money and Finance. Students have to do all the exercises included in this page and hand them in as we have been doing. They will find the listening track they need in Google Classroom, as well as further instructions to perform the task for today.

I will be available during the two hours of our lessons for any question or doubt students might have.


1º Grado Medio Peluquería y Cosmética Capilar

Students will start working the Past tense. For these purpose they have been given two different links where the issue is explained in both English and Spanish.

English Link:
Spanish Link:

Student will find an attached worksheet in Google Classroom. From this worksheet they only have to do exercises 1,2,3 and 4. Students will hand the exercises in as we have been doing in the rest of the sessions.

I will be available during our lesson time just in case some doubt or question may arise.


Muy buenas a todos/as los padres/madres y alumnos/as!

En la entrada de hoy podéis encontrar el trabajo que tiene que realizar el alumnado del Grado Superior de Comercio Internacional y el del Grado Medio de Peluquería y cosmética capilar. Como siempre todas las tareas, documentos y materiales que necesitan podrán encontrarlos los alumnos en sus clases de Google Classroom.



Good afternoon everybody!
Before giving you the instructions for the task I want to say you that on Wednesday and Thursday we are going to do the two tests that we were supposed to do last week, that is, reading and writing (I will give you the instructions tomorrow).
Today we are going to start with unit 7, we will work pages 78 and 79.
First, you have to watch the video in this link, you also have a summary of the explanation under the video ( I hope you like it, as I found it extremely funny)

0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd conditional:

Second, you have to do exercises 2, 4 and 5 in page 78 ( I have attached the tracks you need for them in this task). Then, you have to do the Focus box, exercise 6 and exercise 7 in page 79.
Finally, you you will have to do exercises included in the worksheet I attached.

As we have been doing, when you have them finished, sent pictures of them to class work section and I will be sending you the answer for the exercises. If you have any question, I will be available during hour lessons time.

I hope everything is going well.



Las alumnas y alumnos de peluquería y cosmética capilar tienen que realizar dos exámenes, un listening y un writing. Para el Listening pueden encontrar toda la información necesaria para la realización en Google Classroom, ya que lo realizarán a través de un link. Para el Writing, que anteriormente ya han trabajado en clase, tendrán que crear un documento de word que posteriormente deberán adjuntar en la sección de Tareas de clase y entregar la tarea como ya hicieron la semana pasada.

Estaré disponible para resolver dudas y contestar a preguntas durante el horario que normalmente tenemos de clase.